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DIY Cocoa Face Mask

It’s a breezy Sunday and we want to pamper ourselves today. The whole week has passed in the hustle. The pollution, the intensive working hours and the humidity calls for skin trouble and stress. It’s all right, we don’t need to go out to get ourselves a face mask. We’re here to give you a simple solution to your mask woes.

It’s time to lay back, make ourselves a cocoa based face mask and rejuvenate our skin. 

Why are we picking a cocoa face mask? There are a plethora of benefits of cocoa on our skin:  

1) Dark chocolate helps you beat the stress and relax

At the end of a heavy week, we feel the need to detox and get ready for the week’s grind. Dark chocolate is known to combat stress and help calm your nerves.

2)  Increases circulation to the skin to reduce redness and tone the skin for a firmer appearance

Like we said, we need to rejuvenate our skin. Dark chocolate is a shortcut to a home face mask for a healthier skin.

3) Cacao powder is a nutritional powerhouse

Cacao consists of a plethora of benefits from the nutritional standpoint. Adding on, cacao is rich in antioxidants - they protect us against free radicals. 

All we’re going to need is 25 minutes of your time. Yes, this includes making the mask and putting it on and hitting refresh to set yourself up for the week.

For the Cocoa mask, you will need:


1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder 
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil
Grated Orange Peel

We have a two step process: 

Step 1: Mix to consistency
Take all the ingredients and mix well till you get a thick consistency.

Step 2: Put on your calm playlist and ease out
Take the 15 minutes out without any distraction. Just for you and yourself. Apply the mix to a clean, dry skin and leave the paste on for 15 minutes.

Within 25 minutes, you’re ready and set for the week to follow. 

Here’s our remedy for the week. Happy weekend to you :)